ELLINT’s international network brings together specialised Employment and Labor Lawyers from 15 countries across Europe and in China to assist businesses with the numerous human resources management challenges they regularly face, locally and globally.

From dismissals to downsizing, executives to entrepreneurs, labour relations to litigation, maternity to mobility, negotiations to non-competition, performance and privacy, and much more. ELLINT’s members provide advice reactively and proactively to facilitate business now and in the future through strategic workforce management, whether you are a start-up, SME, or multinational.

Below you will find just some of the many ways ELLINT’s members can assist your organisation today:

International Services

Human Resource Policies: Cross Border & Domestic

Managing an international workforce, harmonising and streamlining global policies can bring local and international challenges. ELLINT facilitates the fluid management of your workforce locally and internationally.

  • Anti-Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying
  • Equal Opportunities, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Duties and Responsibilities
  • Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures
  • Flexible, Full and Part-Time Working Arrangements
  • Health and Safety
  • Long-Term Incentives, Awards and Share Option Schemes
  • Maternity, Paternity and other family Leave policies
  • Mobility and Overseas Placements
  • Restrictions on Competition and Protection of Confidential Information
  • Pensions & Benefits
  • Privacy and Social Media Policies
  • Secondment & Consultancy Agreements
  • Smart Working and Flexible Work
  • Training
  • Working Time
  • …and much more

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Litigation : Cross Border & Domestic

ELLINT’s team works in unison to provide cross-border advice to employers to avoid or defuse potential conflicts.

In addition, where necessary, ELLINT’s team undertakes negotiations on behalf of clients as well as representing them in court, nationally and internationally.

  • Appeals
  • Breach of Contract Claims
  • Disciplinary and Regulatory Proceedings
  • Discrimination Claims
  • Injunctions and Restraining Orders
  • Mediation and Arbitration
  • Court and Tribunal Representation
  • Protection of Confidential Information and Trade Secrets
  • Whistleblowing
  • Workplace Crime
  • ..and much more

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Restructurings & Reorganisations

In the current economic climate businesses are seeking to strategically optimise the productivity of their human capital nationally and internationally. Others must confront workforce restructuring by necessity.

ELLINT’s team of professionals work together to assist businesses with the coordination and implementation of both national and international restructurings and reorganisations.

  • Due Diligence
  • Individual DismissalsCollective Dismissals
  • European Work Councils
  • Harmonisation Procedures
  • Project Planning
  • Outsourcing Plans
  • Risk & Liability Review
  • Severance Packages
  • Societas Europaea (SE)
  • Trade Union Negotiations
  • … and much more

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Transfers of Employees & Businesses Across Borders

Businesses are continually looking to increase efficiency and decrease expenditure. Often this can occur through the transfer of employees, business or business units to other countries, both within and beyond the borders of the European Union.

ELLINT’s specialised professionals have a wealth of experience in advising clients on both the strategic transfer of their employees and businesses across borders, in addition to hiring foreign nationals, whether it be for a fixed term contract or permanent roles.

ELLINT’s extensive network of international contacts, built up over years of working in the sector, also allows us to centrally coordinate advice to companies on overseas transfers of business.

  • Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • Due Diligence
  • Duty to Inform & Consult
  • Employment Terms & Conditions
  • European Works Councils
  • Incentives
  • Relocation Packages
  • Repatriation Clauses
  • Risk & Liability Review
  • Pension Review
  • Privacy: Data & Personnel
  • Trade Union Negotiations
  • … and much more

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International Secondments & Business Immigration

Businesses may wish to temporarily assign key employees abroad so that host companies and overseas businesses can benefit from their skills and expertise.

ELLINT’s members regularly advise on the legal implications of international assignments in both the home and host countries and helps you to prepare all assignment-related documentation and terms.

ELLINT’s team can also assist with business immigration issues for companies hiring foreign nationals from outside the EU/EEA.

  • Best Practices
  • BREXIT Impact
  • Business Travel Visas
  • Compliance Requirements
  • Entrepreneur Visas
  • Expatriates
  • Government Incentives
  • Investor Visas
  • Migrant Worker Visas
  • Relocation Packages
  • Secondments
  • Sponsored Worker Licences
  • …and much more

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Human Resource Strategies: Cross Border & Domestic

Employment and Labor Laws are in constant evolution in all jurisdictions. ELLINT helps you to plan and implement successful strategies by understanding your business and the immediate and potential legal landscape which may affect it.

ELLINT’s team has decades of experience advising on and developing flexible forward-looking strategies to assist clients to achieve short and long-term business and Human Resource management objectives.

  • Due Diligence
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Government Incentives
  • Horizontal & Vertical Management Structures
  • Long-Term Incentives, Awards and Share Option Schemes
  • Organisational Development
  • Organisational Flexibility
  • Outsourcing
  • Performance Objectives
  • Restrictions on Competition and Protection of Confidential Information
  • Work Plans
  • Training & Development
  • Whistleblowing
  •  … and much more

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