What chatbots know about us

Our Italian member firm Lexellent‘s senior partner Ugo Ettore di Stefano is featured in Il Sole 24 Ore, in an in-depth article by Luca Tremolada focusing on chatbots and their ability to learn from us and our questions.

In Europe there is a privacy law governing the processing of personal data and in some chatbots, as we read in ChatGpt’s privacy policy, we, the users, can decide to delete our data. But it will become more complicated when there is no longer a consent to be given, as in the case of mind reading.

Thinking of finding a legislative solution capable of regulating this phenomenon once and for all may be complex, if not impossible.” comments Partner Ugo Ettore Di Stefano

The regulatory system no longer seems to be able to keep up with innovation: the laws coming out of the European Union are already old; there is a gap in regulations and standards between what is international, European, but also local; finally, there is the issue of conformity and balancing with constitutional principles.

An effective way forward, as suggested by Ugo, ‘could be to set up international bodies of comparison, endowed with authority in the ethical, legal and IT fields, which would become regular interlocutors of legislators‘.

You can read the full article here.

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