The ELLINT Award is taking place next week!

The ELLINT Award is a prize instituted by our French member firm, MGG LEGAL, supported by our UK member firm Doyle Clayton

The purpose of this Prize is to :

  • reward the best articles written in English on French employment law,
  • promote French employment law internationally,
  • stimulate employment law French students to practice foreign languages.

It is open to students in Master 1 or Master 2 programmes registered at a French university or law school who have been taught social law. 

The prize will reward one or more articles concerning a particular theme of French social law. It will be a pedagogical article written in English explaining and analysing French social law in a clear, structured and synthetic way with regard to the theme submitted. 

The shortlisted candidates will present their article during an oral presentation in English before a jury composed of at least three people, including a Chairman of the jury, appointed each year by the firm and a University Professor or a Senior Lecturer.

For the year 2022, the theme selected is “The protection of employees’ personal data“.

The amount of the prize is fixed at 5,000 euros. The winner(s) will also be offered the opportunity to undertake a paid internship at MGG Voltaire and/or an unpaid internship at Doyle & Clayton. 

For more information, contact our French member firm representative Marijke Granier-Guillemarre, Founding Partner and Managing Partner at MGG LEGAL.