Strengthening International Organisation of Employment Law Firms in the Heart of Latam: ELLINT Expands Reach in Latin America and welcomes Brazil and Mexico as new members

Specialist Employment Law Firms Baraldi Mélega Advogados and Bufete Sales Boyoli Join International Organisation of Employment Law Firms ELLINT, expanding the Group’s Footprint in Latin America

Brussels, Belgium – 28 May 2024

ELLINT, the international organisation of law firms specialising in employment law, proudly announces the addition of two distinguished members from Latin America: Baraldi Mélega Advogados from Brazil and Bufete Sales Boyoli, S.C. from Mexico. With the inclusion of these esteemed firms, ELLINT significantly strengthens its presence in Latin America, further solidifying its status as a premier global organisation for employment and labor law expertise.

Baraldi Mélega Advogados, based in Brazil, and Bufete Sales Boyoli, located in Mexico, bring decades of combined experience and unparalleled knowledge in employment law to the ELLINT organisation. Their addition underscores ELLINT’s commitment to providing clients with top-tier legal services across diverse geographical regions.

Karina Sasaki, Founder and Partner at the Brazilian law firm commented: “I am thrilled that Baraldi Mélega Advogados integrates ELLINT: Employment & Labor Lawyers International today. With 40 legal experts, our firm is very excited about the prospect of working with labour law professionals from various countries and we look forward to bringing a unique Brazilian perspective to our international discussions. This knowledge exchange enriches our global understanding and practices, which is invigorating. I look forward to contributing to and growing with this exceptional community of labour legal experts.”

Jorge Sales Boyoli, Founder and Partner at Bufete Sales Boyoli S.C. added: “In the past 20 years, we have been able to position ourselves as one of the most prestigious law firms in the Mexican labour market and we are very pleased to take a step further in our growth today and contribute to ELLINT’s success by supporting clients from other ELLINT’s firms with their needs throughout the Mexican territory. Furthermore, helping our clients take advantage of even more opportunities with the organisation’s coverage of Europe’s main commercial centres as well as the UK, China and the UAE is paramount. The way Ellint’s members work together seamlessly ensures that the best advice and help is available from truly specialist employment and labor lawyers, and we see ELLINT as a natural fit to add an international dimension to our services.”

ELLINT, now boasting a group of over 200 specialist employment lawyers spanning 18 jurisdictions, is renowned for its comprehensive range of services addressing both domestic and international employment and labor law issues. From human resources policies to cross-border litigation and international restructurings, ELLINT’s members offer expertise in a wide array of areas crucial to businesses operating in today’s globalised economy.

We are delighted to welcome Baraldi Mélega Advogados and Bufete Sales Boyoli to the ELLINT family,” said Dan Begbie-Clench, Chairman of the Board at ELLINT. “Their deep understanding of the complexities of employment law in Latin America further enhances our ability to serve clients with international employment law needs. We are confident that they will make invaluable contributions to our organisation with their expertise and dedication to excellence. ELLINT’s organisation already covers the major European legal hubs and centres and other key countries including the UK, China and the UAE. Expanding our coverage into Latam is a true advantage for our clients. ”

Ellint’s distinguished roster of members includes leading law firms from around the world, including Belgium’s SOTRA, China’s BAOHUA LAW FIRM, France’s MGG LEGAL, Italy’s LEXELLENT, Denmark’s METTE KLINGSTEN LAW FIRM, Germany’s ALTENBURG, Ireland’s MCINNES DUNNE, Luxembourg’s ADAM & BLESER, Netherlands’ ARBOR, Poland’s ZAWIRSKA RUSZCZYK GASIOR, Portugal’s PARAMOUNT LEGAL, SUCIU in Romania and the UAE, Spain’s ALVAREZ LENTNER, Switzerland’s GRAF & PARTNER, United Kingdom’s DOYLE CLAYTON. Each member firm brings unique insights and capabilities to the network, ensuring that clients receive tailored solutions to their employment law challenges.

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Marion Meunier

Marketing & BD Coordinator