Romanian Employment & Labour Law in a nutshell

22 things YOU need to know

Ellint’s Romanian member firm contributes to the latest Legal 500 Country Comparative Guide on Employment & Labour Law

This country-specific Q&A provides an overview of Employment & Labour laws and regulations applicable in Romania you don’t want to miss. Andreea Suciu, Managing Partner of Suciu | The Employment Law Firm, together with Teodora Mănăilă, Senior Associate and Andreea Elena Șerban, Associate, have answered 22 questions and compiled the Romanian Chapter of this guide.

The aim of this guide is to provide its readers with a pragmatic overview of the law and practice of employment and labour law across a variety of jurisdictions.

Each chapter of this guide provides information about the current issues affecting employment and labour in a particular country and addresses topics such as the termination of employment, procedures, protection for workers, compensation as well as insight and opinion on the most common difficulties employers face and any upcoming legal changes planned for their respective country.

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> discrimination and harassment
> post-contractual non-compete clause

The Legal 500’s Country Comparative Guides are produced in association with the World’s leading lawyers and give the in-house community a practical overview of the laws and regulations in key jurisdictions, for specific practice areas.

Each country chapter is written by a renowned firm in an easy to use Q&A format. The Hot Topic articles provide analysis of current trends and developments within particular practice areas, giving our readership a deeper understanding of pressing issues within the specified sector.

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