Romania – New amendments regarding vouchers granted to employees in force since 25 June

The new amendments brought by Law no. 187/2022 on amending and supplementing Law no. 165/2018 on the granting of vouchers to employees envisage the following:
✔️The maximum value of a meal voucher increases as of 1 July 2022 to Lei 30 (approx. EUR 6). 
✔️Employers have the possibility to additionally grant in July 2022 meal vouchers having the value corresponding to the difference between the newly established value of up to Lei 30/meal voucher/day and the value granted in June 2022 corresponding to the days worked in this month.
✔️By way of novelty and as an exception to the applicable statutory provisions, the legally constituted trade unions may occasionally grant gift vouchers from their own funds to their own members who are not employees of the trade union. The frequency of granting gift vouchers and their value shall be established by the management of the trade union.
✔️Holiday vouchers may also be used to cover the costs of national or thematic school camps attended by the employee’s child. The procedure for the payment of camps shall be established by joint order of the Minister of Education and the Minister of Finance.

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