Portugal – New visas: job search and digital nomads

On the 25th of August 2022, the Portuguese Government approved a set of amendments to the legal regime for the entry, stay, departure and removal of foreigners from national territory, including, namely, two completely new visas: the Job Search Visa and the Digital Nomads Visa.

Job Search Visa

In order to facilitate the search for jobs in Portugal by foreigners, the Government created a new type of visa: the Job Search Visa. This visa allows its holder to enter and remain in Portugal for 120 days, extendable for further 60 days, and includes an appointment date at SEF (the Portuguese Immigration Office) for the granting of a temporary residence permit.

This visa is valid only for Portuguese territory and limited to one entry. The holder is entitled to apply for the residence permit if an employment agreement is executed within its period of validity and to work during such period.

If an employment agreement is not concluded, the visa holder must leave the country and can only reapply for a visa for this purpose one year after the expiry of the previous visa.

Digital Nomads Visapage1image3765488

Regarding the new Digital Nomads Visa, the new law intended to simplify the mobility of foreign employees by creating a temporary stay visa for the exercise of subordinate or independent activity for professionals working remotely, for individuals or entities with residence or headquarters outside the national territory.

For this type of visa, the employment relationship or provision of services must be proved before the relevant authorities.

Other amendments

Finally, we would also like to highlight other amendments, namely, within the context of subordinated work visas (eliminating the need for publication of vacancies through the Institute of Employment and Professional Training – IEFP, I. P.) and family reunification requests (promoting measures to prevent prolonged separations of families, a recurring criticism of the system that prevailed before these amendments to the Portuguese Immigration Law).

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