HR Legal Trainings in Romania

We are thrilled to announce that in September, our Romanian member firm Suciu – Employment & Data Protection Lawyers will be launching a new edition of their one-of-a-kind HR Legal Training – the only training program that reveals the best kept secrets in employment law in four days!

What is the HR Legal Training?
HR Legal Training is the most practical and interactive training program for HR professionals that reveals in accessible language the strategies you need to know to save thousands of euros on employment litigation.

Why is the HR Legal Training for you?

  • Because they created this training program with the daily challenges in mind that YOU, as an HR professional, face in interpreting and applying employment law.
  • Because this training program offers solutions to the most thorny labour law issues that you can’t find in the Labour Code or through a simple web search.
  • Because this training program has a practical approach that helps you identify the best solutions for your company while respecting the legal rights of your employees.
  • Because this training program contains the best strategies that we have been successfully applying for over 18 years and that will help you minimize the risk of labour conflicts and avoid litigation and fines of thousands of euros.

Registration will be open from July. Stay tuned for more information!

For more information, please reach out to our representative Andreea Suciu.