General Counsel returning to law firms – a new trend?

An interview of several professionals published by MAG and featuring Ugo Ettore Di Stefano, Senior Partner at our Italian member firm Lexellent.

In its last issue, MAG, investigates in an article the issue of the increasing number of General Counsel who leave companies to devote themselves to the independent profession within a law firm.

Ugo Ettore Di Stefano, former General Counsel at Mondadori, now Senior Partner at Lexellent, was among the professionals interviewed.

According to Mr Di Stefano, the trend of GCs moving away from companies is real and bound to grow. This is because once the professional, marked with the attribute of “technician”, has reached the role of General Counsel, it is difficult for him to find further opportunities for growth in the company, while in a firm, he can make use of his experience by playing an entrepreneurial role and ranging across different sectors and markets.

To know more on this topic, read the full article on page 92 of MAG and learn more about our Italian member firm Lexellent.