MGG Voltaire recommended in Le Point’s lawyers’ ranking 2022 edition

Ellint’s French member firm MGG Voltaire has been ranked in the fourth edition of Le Point‘s lawyers’ ranking (the French weekly political and news magazine), carried out in partnership with the Statista institute, the statistic portal for market and consumer data.

The firm is ranked and recommended in the following domains:
Social security and social welfare law: MGG Voltaire is ranked among 15 firms and gets a 4-star ranking. Few lawyers are specialised in this technical and complex field, where the human stakes are sometimes high, particularly in terms of preserving the standard of living of workers deprived of professional income. The social security lawyer assists people in their disputes with the social security bodies, concerning for example the payment of a daily allowance or unemployment benefits.
Labour law (Employers)
: Wage settlements, moral harassment, termination of a fixed-term contract, discrimination, etc., disputes between employees and employers give rise to some 150,000 industrial tribunal proceedings each year. Whether on the employer’s or the employee’s side, the employment law lawyer is a major ally. The Covid crisis has put him back at the centre, with the organisation of teleworking, temporary unemployment of salaried workers, protection of workers whose health is at risk, etc. MGG Voltaire gets a 5-star ranking in this category.

The ranking is based, as in previous years, on the recommendations of professionals: lawyers, clients and legal experts gave their opinion on the firms they know. This year, 307 law firms, in Paris and the provinces, received 4 or 5 stars, in 29 different specialities. All the responses were checked by Statista, in order to guarantee the seriousness and reliability of the survey. Le Point presents this list in two ways: a search engine to find the best firms by speciality, and a table by field which lists the awarded lawyers.

The lawyers and clients who wished to participate rated the firms on a scale of 1 to 6 for three criteria (technical expertise, responsiveness and transparency). To be included in the ranking, a law firm had to obtain a number of recommendations and a score higher than the average of the participants.

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