Second Level Bargaining in Italy
: Impact of the Italian Jobs Act Labour Reforms

The latest Italian Jobs Act Labour reforms have brought changes to how Second Level Bargaining is conducted in Italy. This seminar, which will be held in Italian, will highlight what you and your business need to know.

Speakers include:

Welcome and Introduction
Sergio Barozzi | Partner – LEXELLENT

Second Level Collective Bargaining in Italy
Francesco Bacchini | Of Counsel – Lexellent, Professor – University of Milan ‘Bicocca’

The Areas the Legislators Have Left to Collective Bargaining in Italy
Sergio Barozzi | Partner – LEXELLENT

The Taxation of the Performance Bonus and Corporate Welfare
Paola Lova,  Bernoni Grant Thornton

Remuneration Policies in the Context of the Jobs Act & the Stability Law
Angelo De Filippo | Director – Adelaide Consulting

This event will take place from 9 am to 1 pm.

The location is via Borghetto 3, Milan, Italy.

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