Macron’s French Employment Law Reform: Decoding the Edicts

The LANCASTER CLUB, which MGG Legal is one of the founding member of, is a think tank working on the main trends of French employment law. Its members are exclusively partners of French independent law firms.

The purpose of the LANCASTER CLUB is to encourage exchanges and debates among its members, share good practices, and relay to the public authorities suggested evolutions of French employment law, in a friendly atmosphere. To date, the members firms of the LANCASTER CLUB represent more than a hundred legal specialists and lawyers, working on all employment law and social security law aspects.

MGG Legal, a founding member of the LANCASTER CLUB, is pleased to invite you to the information meeting on the “French Employment Law Reform” organized by the LANCASTER CLUB, which Mr. Pierre-André IMBERT, advisor of the French Presidency on employment matters will attend.

This event will take place on October 2nd, 2017 from 9am to 12 noon at the Maison de la Chimie (28 rue Saint-Dominique in Paris, France).

The purpose of this meeting is to decode and analyse the key measures of the Macron Edicts, to identify the impacts on the existing practices and to benefit from operational guidelines in order to enable employers to comply with the new rules.

Subject to possible adjustments, the agenda of the meeting will be as follows:

  • Collective Negotiations in France:
    A straight continuation of the 2016 Employment Act
  • Reinforcement of the French Company Collective Agreement:
    What is now the room for manoeuver offered to the employer and the social partners?
    What is the impact on the individual employment agreements?
  • How will the Company Agreement and the
    Industry-wide Collective Bargaining Agreements now relate to each other:

    What is new?
  • The Industry Level:
    A new regulatory role?
    How should the industry-wide collective bargaining agreements entered into before 2004 be treated?
    What about locking provisions?
  • The Validity Conditions of the Collective Agreements in France:
    The reinforcement of the majority principle and the new openings for the referendum on minority agreements.
  • Dismissals in France:
    The New Provisions
  • The French Dismissal Letter:
    What are the main new rules?
    What requirements?
    What sanctions?
    What about the new possibility to later add or detail rational?
  • Redundancies in France:
    The new rules regarding the scope for assessing the economic rationale, the business sector definition, the voluntary departures schemes now made official and the new rules thereon.
  • Employee Representatives in France:
    The new rules on social dialogue
  • The One-Body Principle:
    How will the Social and Economic Council and the Company Council be set up and operate?
    What thresholds? What options?
    What about companies with several local establishments or groups or economic and social units (“UES”)?
    Will it be possible to retain separate representative bodies and how?
    What type of structure shall be preferred and why?
    Decoding the pros and cons of the new rules.
  • New Limits:
    The new limit on the number of representative offices and the impacts of the reform on employee representatives’ experts.
  • Other noteworthy evolutions:
    Home-based work, the new prevention professional account…

This special information meeting will be led by:

  • Kim CAMPION |  Partner –  Charles Russell Speechlys
  • Romain CHISS | Partner  – Vivant Chiss
  • Marijke GRANIER-GUILLEMARRE | Partner – MGG Legal
  • David GUILLOUET | Partner  – Voltaire Avocats
  • Loïc HERON |Partner  – MGG Legal.

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