Jobs Act | Act II of the Italian Labour Reforms: After Publication in the Gazzetta Ufficiale

LEXELLENT will host a seminar on Wednesday, July 15th, 2015 in order to help businesses better orientate themselves in the labyrinth of continual labour reforms in Italy. In particular, this event will explore special employment contracts, changes to maternity leave, the thorny issue of change of duties and the excess of Article 4 of the Italian Workers’ Statute in reference to the new discipline of monitoring employees and consultants at a distance.

This seminar aims to analyse, following the abolition of the use of continuous professional collaborations, the limits and the characteristics of staff leasing, both fixed term and indefinite, and the circumstances where it is possible to utilize them – even part-time.

Following on from here the theme of the conciliation of work and family life including new flexibility in terms of maternity and paternity leave, in addition to parental leave and support to female victims of gender-related violence will also be discussed.

A large section of this seminar is dedicated to the new discipline concerning the change of an employee’s duties in terms of two new procedures foreseen by law:

  • Horizontal Mobility: the assignment of professional duties that differ from those previously assigned – provided that they are of the same level of classification – and
  • Vertical Mobility: the assignment of professional duties which are inferior due to the constraints which bound an employer in the face of a corporate reorganization.

To conclude this seminar will confront a controversial topic which has been highly debated in the media regarding the ability for businesses to monitor, at a distance, the activities of their employees and consultants using company issued technology such as computers, tablets and smartphones. In fact, the hypothesis of monitoring employees remotely in this way, in the absence of trade union agreements, and the possibility to impose sanctions against an employee is limited to a number of specific cases which will be explored in detail during the event.

The event will take place Wednesday, July 15th at 9 am in the LEXELLENT Auditorium, Via Borghetto 3, 20122 Milan.

It is free to participate in this event – Registration is required.

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