Expand to France

In 2021 – for the third successive year – France remained the most attractive country in Europe with the highest amount of foreign investment.  This attractiveness will most certainly carry on, especially since the French President announced an investment plan – “France 2030” – hinting at further measures to facilitate expansion of foreign companies to France.

Expanding to France has already been made easier in recent years, thanks to various reforms that simplified law and made France more attractive to foreign investors.

The key is to find the right partners to navigate you through the areas which remain regulated and for which some insight is needed to help developing your business.  We know that French employment law always seems an insurmountable obstacle to foreign companies.  We are confident we can show the contrary.

If you plan to expand to France or are looking for practical solutions to manage your staff in France, we invite you to join our French member firm MGG LEGAL‘s webinar on December 1, 2022 at 2 PM (CET) during which you will get answers to key questions, such as

·         How can I carry out a successful expatriation/secondment of my employee to France?

·         What are the main considerations to keep in mind when hiring an employee in France?

·         Under what working time arrangement can I make my employee work?

·         How can I let my employee go?

Working on a daily basis with international groups and SMEs planning on expanding to France, MGG Legal lawyers will bring their expertise to the table to give you an operational and business-oriented insight of French law.

You can register here