ELLINT Is Sponsoring the IBA Employment & 
Discrimination Law Conference in Rome

ELLINT is proud to be both a sponsor and to participate in the International Bar Association’s annual Employment and Discrimination Law Conference which will be taking place on April 9th & 10th in Rome, Italy.

The theme for this year’s event, which attracts top employment and labour law lawyers from around the world, will be The Dynamics of a Globalised Workforce: Challenges and Solutions in the Modern Labour Landscape.

The topics covered during this conference include:

  • Reformation in Europe: workplace reforms born from the new economic reality – what are the trends and lessons learned?
  • Employee health and wellness programs and policies – are they essential or just nice to have?
  • ‘Baby you can drive my car’; employment in the global automotive industry
  • A Regional Look at Religious Discrimination in the Workplace: is it getting better or worse and what can be done to stop it
  • New labour and employment laws in Southern and Eastern European countries: is there a trend to harmonisation within the European Union?
  • Collective redundancy: selection models in Europe in the nondiscrimination era
  • Restrictive covenants and unlawful competition in employment law
  • Global supplier codes of conduct and internal ethics codes: best practices
  • Bribes, patronage or legitimate social investment? The growing challenge of doing business globally, free of corruption, while meeting local demands for benefits
  • Reports of the Global Employment Institute: Important international trends and developments in human resources law in 40 countries from 2013-2014
  • Big brother is watching – trends in workplace data privacy, surveillance and social media