Diversity as a Value Worth Defending

This seminar – taking place on November 4th, 2014 in Milan, Italy – will speak about diversity management as a key for growth and the development of human resources in the business world.

The program:

Equal access in the boardroom Alessandra Rovescalli

Alessandra Rovescalli, an Associate of the Italian employment law boutique LEXELLENT, has succinctly outlined the government’s requirements in terms of female participation on the Board of Directors of Italian companies.

The penalty for non-compliance can range between €100,000 and € 1,000,000. This is in addition to the mandatory dissolution of the board.

Gender diversity at work: The point of view of an economist Alessandra Casarico

Alessandra Casarico, a Professor and the Bocconi University in Milan,  has spoken in depth about the benefits of having a diverse workforce.

In addition to providing a broader perspective, a larger pool of talent and skills, and greater creativity and innovation – research suggests that mixed teams, in terms of gender, have better performance results in terms of sales and profit in comparison to teams made up of only men.

A different company for the future Tiziano Botteri

Tiziano Botteri, a Director of Training at Cegos, has shared his perspective of the company of the future – and how diversity management in the workplace will play a fundamental role. In particular he focused on the evolving Italian labour market, the needs of different generations of workers, their sense of personal development and progress, as well as motivational processes.

Diversity & Inclusion at IBM Federica Di Sansebastiano

Federica Sansebastiano, the Diversity & Inclusion Leader at IBM Italia, provided insights into her company’s Equal Opportunities Policy which was developed in 1953.

Referred to as Policy Letter #4, it states ” It is the policy of this organisation to hire people who have the personality, talent and background necessary to fill a given job regardless of race, color or creed.”

Diversity at the Fiera Milano Monica Pera

Monica Pera, the HR Director of Fiera Milano Spa, will share with the audience the experience of managing a workforce of over 800 employees in Italy and abroad – 60% of which are women. In particular Monica focused her discussion on the use of a special integrative contract which promotes a work life balance by creating opportunities for tele-working and special working hours – such as 30 hour work weeks for mothers and fathers of children under the age of eight years old. This is in addition to the protection of employees, both male and female, from sexual harassment in the workplace.

For more information visit www.lexellent.it