Back to Basics: A new series of webinars by MGG Legal – Third episode: How to run an impactful employee performance review


MGG Legal is committed to offer to its clients a wide range of training courses to keep them abreast with legal news in Employment Law.

In this respect, we believe that companies should be made aware of the technical and legal issues that are likely to bear a direct impact on their organisation.

MGG Legal has therefore put together a series of short-format training courses (30 minutes) on the basics of French Labor Law in order to provide companies with practical solutions to the issues that they are likely to come across on a regular basis.

The third episode of this new series will address the question of performance reviews. Most businesses conduct employee evaluations at least once a year. It is a meaningful moment in the life of a company and a critical opportunity not only to recognize the accomplishments and potential shortcomings of the employee but also to set clear expectations for the future.

A performance review that is not conducted appropriately can expose the organization to a certain number of risks (lack of employee engagement, unclear reward system, biased performance ratings) so much that managers should understand the benefits of tracking the employee’s performance and keeping employees accountable and motivated with an effective performance management system.

Our objective on March 26, 2024 at 6.30PM CET is to share our experience of recent cases that we have handled and provide you with some best practices and guidelines on how to run an impactful performance review that helps foster growth for your Company.

This webinar will be hosted by Paul Romatet, counsel with MGG Legal.

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