Alternative Dispute Resolutions in Employment
 : Advantages & Disadvantages in Spain

Sonia Cortès of Abdon Pedrajas & Molero in Spain is participating in a conference on the subject of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Employment organised by the UIA – the International Association of Lawyers.

This event will explore the procedures for settling individual employment disputes by means other than litigation – such as through mediation and arbitration.

The panel will present views regarding the advantages and disadvantages of  ADR and panellists will describe their experiences in ADR.

The speakers include:

  • Sonia Cortès
  • Jean-Louis Magnier
  • Jacqueline Scott
  • Federico Torzo
  • Geoffrey William Richards
  • Tomás Sala Franco
  • Matelda Lo Fiego
  • Acácio Pita Negrao

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