LEXELLENT is Recognised for Italian Employment & Labour Law by LegalCommunity

LEXELLENT has been recognised for its Italian Employment & Labour Law counsel by LegalCommunity – one of the most important publications dedicated to the Italian legal sector – in their 2017 Labour Report.

Clients say:

“LEXELLENT is a beautiful Italian Employment & Labour Law boutique.  We are excellently assisted.  Punctual analysis and rationality, timeliness and pragmatism are among the major points of strength of the team.”

Other Points of strength are:

1. Specialization and activity in all areas of the world of labour
2. Technical competence, professionality and timely responses
3. Knowledge of the market and of corporate business
4. Negotiation skills
5. Presence and availability of the partners

In particular the firm was highly ranked for their work in all categories of  Employment & Labour Law:

Italian Industrial Relations – Band A
Italian Employment & Labour Litigation – Band A
Italian Employment & Labour Law Counsel – Band A
Italian Employment Crime Law – Band A
Italian Agency Contracts – Band B
Italian Top Management – Band B
Italian Labour Restructuring – Band B
Italian Mergers & Acquisitions Related Employment & Labour Law Counsel – Band B
Italian Social Security Law – Band B

Lexellent’s Team Members have also been Recognized as Individuals for Italian Employment & Labour Law:

Sergio Barozzi | AA

“A professional of the highest level.  He always makes complex concepts simple. Points of strength: a practical approach, punctual and concrete analysis, master of all areas of Italian employment and  labour law”

“Sergio Barozzi has advised us for many years. His main point of strength is customer service: flexibility, availability and timely answers. All with a great professionality and experience, always  looking for more efficient and effective solutions for clients”

Paolo Aldrovandi (Criminal Law) | A

“A great competence and professionality with criminal law counsel 360° (both in and out of court) for matters relating to the world of work.”

Giulietta Bergamaschi | B

“Very Good! A very practical approach.”

Other professionals noted during the research process:

Partner Carlo Majer and Associate Sofia BargelliniVery Promising

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