New Work Permit Limits for Switzerland in 2017

A New Year and new laws are awaiting employers in Switzerland. 

Many are aimed at providing incentives to businesses in order to stimulate local labour markets while others may add additional red tape to already complex human resource management programs.

This article is part of  ELLINT ‘s January newsletter  which provides employers with a snapshot what they need to know about new regulations which may impact their human resource management and strategies over the next 12 months around Europe.


Foreign Workers:

Employers in Switzerland who intend to hire foreign nationals from beyond the EU/EFTA (European Free Trade Area) countries and service providers from EU/EFTA countries who will provide services in Switzerland for more than 90 days are encouraged to make their applications for work visas as soon as possible due to the limited number of work permits which will be available this year.

In particular only 250 long term ‘B’ work permits (assignment period in Switzerland of more than 120 days) and 2000 short term ‘L’ work permits (assignment period in Switzerland of more than 90 days) will be available for service providers from EU/EFTA countries in 2017.

In terms of foreign nationals being hired by Swiss employers from beyond the European Union and EFTA there will only be 3000 long term ‘B’ and 4500 short term ‘L’ work permits available from the government.

Once these quotas are used up no new foreign national workers from non-EU/EFTA counties can be hired in Switzerland until 2018.

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