After Schrems: 
Practical Strategies for Maintaining HR Data Flows from Europe to the US

When the Safe Harbour is no longer safe: LEXELLENT will be participating in a panel discussion on the changes to the data protection laws governing the transfer of information between Europe and the United States at the IBA’s Annual Employment and Discrimination Law Conference 2016 taking place in Mexico on April 14th-15th.

The theme of this year’s event is:

The new world of work – are workplace laws keeping up with global and regional trends?

Carlo Majer will be participating in a breakout session taking place on April 15th focusing on:

Practical strategies for maintaining HR data flows from Europe to the US – and beyond – after the Schrems Case, ‘Safe Harbour 2.0’ and the incoming data protection regulation

The pros and cons of each strategy for exporting HR data out of Europe after Schrems, ‘Safe Harbour 2.0’, and the new Data Protection Regulation

How strategies differ between internal group HR data exports (HRIS, email) versus third-party-provider HR data processor exports (payroll provider, benefits administrator, hotline provider, travel tracking service, EAP)

‘Adequacy’ determinations and HR

This event, presented by the IBA Employment and Industrial Relations Committee and the IBA Discrimination and Equality Law Committee, attracts the top Employment & Labour Law professionals from around the world LINK.