Brexit: guidance for companies on the impact on employing EU nationals in the UK

Brexit will dramatically affect the rights of EU nationals and their family members to freely live and work in the UK. Consequently, it will limit the ability of employers to employ them.

Companies in the UK will in future be subject to new constraints on employing EU nationals or transferring them from a subsidiary company in another country.

Some of these copnstraints may apply on very short notice. A “no-deal” Brexit may severely constrain the ability of employers to bring EU nationals into the UK from 30 March 2019. Employers intending to hire or transfer EU nationals to the UK would be well-advised to proceed without delay.

The Business Immigration team from ELLINT’s UK member firm, Doyle Clayton, has prepared a guidance note to explain the current legal position for employers who employ and/or intend to employ EU and EFTA nationals. Download it here: Brexit business immigration guide.

Doyle Clayton

16 January 2019